Fine Finishes & Enameling for Stylish Surfaces & Fabulous Accents
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Transform Your Woodwork

When you want your trim and accents to look beautifully elegant, like they are straight from the factory’s finest lines, we can make that happen. With our precise prep work and four-coat system, the woodwork will receive a transformation that delights. We can enamel all trim by taking it from a stained surface to enamel or refurbishing enamel to a fine-finish enamel.

We work with cabinets, trim, doors and wood furniture to change the stain or enamel to your choice of color and style. With a variety of colors and coordinated finishes, we can adapt the pieces to blend with your current décor and designs. We use only the most durable, top-quality products on the market. You’ll enjoy years of pleasure from the beautiful, clean appearance of these items after the restoration. Our clients are amazed at the tasteful distinction that comes from fine finishes and enameling techniques.

If you’ve been less than satisfied with the present appearance of your trim and doors, we’d like to hear about your vision for a more unified, attractive look for your home. We’ll help you choose colors and finishes for a coordinated expression of love and attention to detail. If your deck furniture is also in need of a makeover, we can recondition that as well. Contact us for a prompt reply or call our professionals at (612) 250-5396.

What our customers say

“Friendly workers who were considerate of our time and space. Great overall value.”

– Jennifer S. (Minneapolis, MN)