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Popcorn Ceiling Removal Creates a Fresh Look

Sometimes you’re just in the mood for a change. That might be the case with your popcorn texture ceilings. No need to fret. You have enjoyed them for a good, long season and now it might be time to end the dreary relationship and try something new. If you’re tired of your popcorn ceilings, we can quickly remove those textures, smooth imperfections, clean the area and prep the surfaces for a smoothly painted ceiling. Or, if you prefer, we can add a stylish ceiling texture for interest.

Creating a Stable Basis for Your Walls

Whether we’re starting from the studs, repairing or replacing drywall, we understand how important it is to have a stable basis for walls and beautiful finishes. We’ll install drywall for your new projects or patch and refine existing drywall to hide blemishes and blend seamlessly with existing walls. The same holds true for ceiling drywall.

As with all our work, we take pride in the prep work and installation. Before hanging the drywall, taping, mudding and sanding, we protect your home from the excessive sheetrock dust. We also know that performing these critical steps with excellence will ensure exceptional results when it’s time to paint or texture.

Solving Drywall and Wallpaper Problems

If you have damage on walls from unfortunate incidents or from hanging a multitude of your favorite pictures and accents, we can make drywall repairs, prep and paint. We are also skilled at repairing larger holes or cracks and can give those areas a new lease on life too.

Is wallpaper your challenge? If you have wallpaper or borders and you’re ready for a change, we can take care of that for you. Wallpaper removal can be sticky business. Just bring up the topic in conversation, and you’ll hear a variety of discouraging opinions. We can save you from that personal experience. We can remove wallpaper effectively, and where repairs are needed, we’ll handle that too. Let us spare you the agony. Once the wallpaper is gone, we can delight you with a fresh, new paint color.


It’s all in the appearance and we make that our goal. Call on our team of professionals for your drywall and painting projects. We’re here to help: (612) 250-5396.

What our customers say

“Cody and Steve came out on the day and time as promised. The price was incredibly good, the workmanship very good, the service was excellent, and they went the extra mile to fill in a gap between the concrete and foundation that is something they normally don’t do. Cody runs a great ship and I would highly recommend.”

– Bonnie K. (Eagan, MN)