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Beautiful, Long-Lasting Finishes

For beautiful, long-lasting finishes on decks, railings and fences, we are here to help. We know that our clients want these exterior components refinished so they last as long as possible. We’re happy to take a look, discuss options and provide you with an estimate.

For new decks, we can do the prep work, followed by flawless staining and finishing. You’ll be amazed at the natural beauty that shines through, and it will make your time on the deck that much more enjoyable and relaxing.

For well-used decks that have seen many a happy event, we can salvage most, even when it seems unlikely. We make these decks look appreciably better, replacing boards as necessary, sanding, staining and finishing. Even when stain is no longer a viable option, we can provide a thicker, heavier coating of rubberized elastomeric coating that expands and contracts with weather, giving you more enjoyment out of your deck than you thought possible.

Proper Prep Work to Protect Your Home

For all staining projects, we pay attention to proper prepping. Without careful prep, the results can’t possibly be as gorgeous. We do not skip or skimp on this step. We protect your trees, bushes and flowers, and clean up thoroughly at the end of the day. We want to see the big smiles when the project is complete!

Fences add definition to your property, and you want them to be durable and functional as well. We can make minor repairs and give them finishes that complement your property’s design and style. For decks, railings and fences, we take the time to do it right, making sure that we have even, consistent coats and a seal that lasts. It’s our goal to finish and seal the wood properly so the beauty continues to shine through, season after season.

We want your decks and fences to look as enticing as the rest of your property. Most decks are a gathering place for fun, relaxation and awesome grilling techniques. We can create that tone for new decks and rejuvenate your tired deck or fences to invite more family fun. Contact Us for a consultation and estimate or call our professionals at (612) 250-5396.

What our customers say

“Work was done sooner than expected and to the level of quality I wanted. Communication throughout the project was excellent – showed up when they said they would. Great work ethic.”

– Tom M. (Minneapolis, MN)